Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, was the brainchild of the Russian czar, Peter the Great. The czar wanted to bring Imperial Russia closer to Europe and thus decided to construct a city on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Some of the most famous architects of the time – among them Rastrelli, Tresini, Kameron and Monferron were invited to turn the Czar’s dream into a reality. Buildings were constructed along the Neva and its tributaries, canals dug, thoroughfares laid and beautiful architectural buildings and monuments erected. St Petersburg is indeed Russia’s glittering jewel and one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Many of the buildings such as the Hermitage, Church of the Spilt blood, St Issac’s cathedral,The Smolny Cathedral, The Peter and Paul Fortress and the Kazan Cathedral are world-famous architectural landmarks.

Founded in 1703,St Petersburg is a city of many names- the city of museums, the second Russian capital, the cultural capital, the city of heroes, Venice of the North, the cradle of the 3 Russian revolutions…

It is a city which offers something for everyone…from the Hermitage museum for arts and history enthusiasts to the many bars and night clubs for those who like a varied night life to the many parks for those who want to have a quiet afternoon stroll…

So unlike the Russian cities that came before it, St Petersburg with its strict geometric lines and perfectly planned architecture is almost too European to be Russian.And yet it is too Russian to be European. St Petersburg is situated on 44 islands which are linked together by 313 bridges, some of them considered to be quite unique architectural constructions.

There are 120 museums, 40 theatres and 50 universities. The city is also home to the world-famous ballet school. It was the birthplace of Russian literature – the setting for Dostoyevsky’s Raskolnikov and Pushkin’s Eugene Onegen. From here, Tchaikovskiy, Rachmaninov, Prokoviev and Rimskiy-Korsokav went on to conquer the world with Russian music.

Nowadays, St Petersburg is a modern city with a population of more than five million and it plays a vital role in Russia’s political, scientific and cultural life.
During the magical white nights, from the beginning of June to the middle of July one can enjoy the city in its full splendour, pleasant weather and many hours of daylight.

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