Language Of Flowers


Walk down any street in Russia and you’ll be surprised at the number of flower shops and kiosks selling flowers that you see.

People in most countries consider flowers to be the best gift to express love. And according to a recent survey commissioned by a group of florists in Moscow and St. Petersburg, flowers top the lists of both Russian men and women as the best “I love you” gift. The respondents also noted friendship, thank you, and anniversaries.

Flowers have always been an essential gift in Russian tradition. Russian ladies appreciate them enormously.
“Russia has a culture of flowers, and they love flowers as an expression of sentiment,” says Ximena Martinez de Perez, Ecuador’s ambassador to Russia. Ecuador exports about $8 million a year in roses and other flowers to Russia.

“A flower in Russia — people will cherish it. The winters are always very long and dark and flowers give these people some kind of feeling of happiness, of summer and spring,” says Inge Hendriks, the Flower Council of Holland’s area manager for Russia.

“You can tell a lot with flowers: A language of flowers exists,” says Edward Thompson, CEO of Eurasia Florist Ltd and, a large chain of flower shops in Russia.

” A single red rose points unequivocally to the heart — marriage. Yellow tulips reveal a hidden love. An orchid praises unique beauty and a chrysanthemum speaks of undying youth and health. A cactus grants happiness and a long life of harvests.”
An important point to remember is that you must always send odd  numbers of flowers to your Russian lady friend. Even numbers of flowers are for funerals!!