Russian Scam Check Service

We have experience working in the gift delivery sector in Russia and we want to protect our customers from spending lots of money on relationships with scammers.

Based on information given to us by our associates working in Russia as well as information on different anti-scam websites, we have summarized the most common behaviour and appearance patterns that may help you to spot a scammer.

Here is a list of warning signs that scammers may give:

Appearances :

Photos look too good to be true
Lady is young enough you be your grand-daughter
Sending you nude photos
False address and no phone number

Behaviour Patterns :

Not asking you questions
Not answering your questions
Writing to you using the wrong name
She forgets your birthday!
Lady does not want long correspondence
Making lots of excuses

Money Related :

Hints about how expensive Internet cafes are
A tragedy has occurred and money is urgently needed
She wants to study English and needs money for it
Travel & Visa scam
Western Union scam
Just asking you for money


If you would like to find out if the person you are corresponding with is real, we invite you to avail of our Russian scam check service. If you have never met your Russian pen-pal personally and you would like to verify their address without hurting their feelings then this is the service to go for.
We will deliver one red rose to the address you provide to us. One of our delivery agents will visit the address and give you a detailed report of their findings. In the event that the intended recipient is found we will also send you a digital photo of the delivery.

The service may take between 3 to 5 working days.

Price : $65 including delivery fees, a greeting card with your message translated into Russian (if required) and  a complete report of the delivery. A photo will be taken and emailed to you if we find the subject.

This service is offered in the whole of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

We accept all major credit cards. Payment is processed through our secure online processor PayPal.

To order simply fill out the form below with details of your ‘suspect’ and we will send you an invoice. 

Your order will be processed immediately and we will keep in contact with you regarding the progress of the delivery.
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